Reflecting on Evolution: A (quick) Thought

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I strongly Believe that reflecting on human evolution allows us to shed light on clear answers concerning many contemporary issues. How did we evolve? What was our lifestyle? What were our habits?

We were active.
We ate unprocessed food.
We lived in community.
We helped each other.
Our days were guided by sunlight.
All these observations are simple, and indeed, very basic. I dont possess any academic credentials in anthropology. All I have is my common sense. Nonetheless, this common sense can, and should, be put in good use towards our future and our health.
Considering the strong theory that our nervous system evolved to improve movement complexity and efficiency, leading to the capacity to survive through the ability to better move and hence find food and build shelter, it comes as no surprise that movement is a natural remedy for many ailments. Our physiology evolved for thousands of years with physical activity. Why should we be surprised that once this parameter is removed, chronic illness develops? From the same token, why should we be surprised that once this parameter is re-introduced in our lifes, the road towards health follows? Why should we be surprised that diet composed of unprocessed food is associated with better health? Why should we be surprised that sense of community, sense of being part of a whole, the joy of helping and giving, and the quality of our relationships is associated with happiness? Why should we be surprised by evidence pointing towards increased risks of many serious pathologies such as cancer is associated with shift work? 

Lets reflect on how we evolved, and let us put forward simple yet effective lifestyle changes to promote conscious living and health, in all of its aspects.

Lets not forget that we are Homo Sapiens, the “Wise Man”.

PROFILWritten by Antoine Del Bello
B.Sc Osteopathy
B.Sc Kinesiology


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